The island of Paros is among the most popular islands of Cyclades. Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Paros island is ideal for young people, romantic couples and families, too. The Parian traditional villages, particularly Naoussa, Parikia and Lefkes, are perfect samples of Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed sugar houses, paved streets and blue-domed churches. The beaches are famous for the exotic water and the golden sand. The beaches on the south eastern side, such as Golden Beach and New Golden Beach, are particularly popular for windsurfing. A nice day trip from the island is the small island of Antiparos, with the crystal beaches and the relaxing atmosphere.



How to Come

From Athens airport to the harbor:

From the airport of Athens to the harbor of Athens – Piraeus:
By bus:
Departures just in front of the airport entrance every 20 minutes; approximately 1 hour to Piraeus.

By metro:
Departures from the train station, just opposite of the airport; approximately 1 hour to Piraeus.
At Piraeus the bus stops near the train station, where just opposite (pass over the walking bridge) the boats to Paros will departure.

From Athens harbor, Piraeus to Paros:
In Piraeus you can take the ferry to Paros: departures twice a day; early in the morning or in the evening (17.30 hrs). It will take about 4 hours to reach Paros with the normal ferry boat. There is also a High Speed boat (3 hours but more expensive).

Especially at the high season you better buy a ticket on-line from before (you can pick up the ticket just next to the boat).

Rafina harbor:
A good alternative, especially for the way back when you don’t like to return at the busy Athens again, is to book a boat from Paros to Rafina instead of Piraeus (and also the other way around is possible).
Rafina is a small town half an hour by bus from the airport!
There is a small speed boat, more expensive than the boat to Piraeus) which passes the Islands Mykonos and Tinos and arrives within 3 hours at the port of Rafina. From there, after 100 meters, there is the bus directly to the airport. If you have a late afternoon flight back home, you can easy catch this flight the same day because you will arrive in Rafina at 14.30 hrs!

From Athens airport by plane
Olympic Air offers daily flights from Athens to Paros and back. The trip takes about 30 Minutes.


Island Info

Useful phone numbers:
Port of Paros: +30 22840 21240
Port of Pireaus: +30 210 4226000-4, 210 4593140, 210 4593150
Port of Rafína: +30 22940 22300
Airport of Paros: +30 22840 91257

Local transport
You can use local buses or taxis or rent a car or a motorbike to get around the island while small boats can transfer you to the most remote beaches.
Local buses (KTEL): +30 22840 21395

Parikia: +30 22840 21500
Náoussa: +30 22840 53490
Márpissa: +30 22840 41209 / 41386
Pródromos: +30 22840 41427 / 41576

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